A Life styles mask vLock
In March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 Pandemic and urged everyone to wear masks.

And at 6 months, masks are becoming an indispensable item that expresses their own individuality as a tool for expressing the desire to be special for everyone.

'vlock' developed a copper antibacterial fabric (a fabric applied with a triple knitting technology with an air layer) with a strong sterilizing power that quickly kills the corona virus for a mask that has become an essential item, and helps safe breathing 365 days a year by adding comfort to wear. We have released a mask that you can give.

And at the'vlock' design lab, we added innovative design with a different look beyond the existing trend for you who are tired of social distancing.

Sometimes, a modern design mask that gives a sophisticated and modern feel
Sometimes, a lovely design mask that gives a cute and lovely feeling
Sometimes, a mask with a dynamic design that relieves mediocrity and boredom
Sometimes, a mask with a neat and clean design that gives a sense of trust and lik
Sometimes, a tattoo design mask that presents the mysterious beauty of the ancient world
Sometimes, a mask of art design that allows you to interact with art works
Sometimes, masks designed with the motif of Korean culture that people around the world like. . .

'Vlock' strives for R&D to contribute to social development, and strives to fulfill its corporate responsibilities and obligations.