A Life styles face mask
Signature fashion mask armed with dynamic patterns include abstract cubism,
familiar pop art, Korean flag’s four trigrams that represent sky, earth, water and fire,
mysterious ancient tatoo motifs, bold animal prints and more.
vLock Design
Sometimes, a modern design mask that gives a sophisticated and modern feel
Sometimes, a lovely design mask that gives a cute and lovely feeling
Sometimes, a mask with a dynamic design that relieves mediocrity and boredom
Sometimes, a mask with a neat and clean design that gives a sense of trust and lik
Sometimes, a tattoo design mask that presents the mysterious beauty of the ancient world
Sometimes, a mask of art design that allows you to interact with art works
Sometimes, masks designed with the motif of Korean culture that people around the world like. . .
electronic NOSE
The electronic nose identifies odors based on a biological olfactory mechanism
(a technology that recognizes a certain odor composed of one or a plurality of volatile compounds in a specific form such as a fingerprint)
and analyzes the state and composition of substances. It is an electronic device that can be produced.
EMP (Energy Mechanical Platform)
In order to dramatically improve the air quality in the underground space, it is concluded that the cause of pollution must be found, blocked, and removed,
and the ventilation system is directly controlled by converging ICT technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI, RFID, and IoT sensor technologies.
We have developed a platform that can do it.
And we called this operating system EMP (Energy Mechanical Platform), and the instrument with various sensors attached was named AMD-T.
Information and communication technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI, and RFID provide various opportunities for IoT business.
In the COVID-19 pandemic situation,
we organized a new research team, created an IoT-based wearable electronic nose, called Kics (Korea IoT Cloud System),
and called kicsvlock by adding a copper mask.
  • OWNER Kim Seoung Soo
  • C.P.O Kwon Soon chol
  • E-mail kicsvlock@gmail.com
  • CALL CENTER 1577-2310
  • MALL ORDER LICENSE No.2019-Incheon Dong-gu-0040
  • BUSINESS LICENSE 895-87-00016
  • ADDRESS #511, B-dong, 283, Bupyeong-daero, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea